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Development of a concept to build an inhouse consulting at a sports aggregator scaleup

In light of a shifting focus  from growth to efficiency as well as increasing complexity and cross-departmental project management needs, the management had raised the question regarding the future setup of corporate development department


Identification of strategic and operational challenges through interviews with all department and team leads, as well as their indicative prioritization based on importance, urgency and suitability for project support

Identification and evaluation of positioningoptions in the specific context (e.g., proactive ideator and project driver, service provider for requests from the organization incl. process sketch, executor of management assignments, etc.)

Identification and evaluation of service offering options in the specific context (e.g., overall project management, on-demand project support, pure PMO, etc.)

Proposition of a suitable geographic, functional and thematic scope in light of expertise and capacity

Draft of an organizational structure

Description of the success factors of the inhouse consulting (e.g., clear mandate, open-mindedness of the organization, sufficient capacity, etc.)

Formulation of the possible value add from an inhouse consulting as the basis of a communication strategy (know-how, capacity, objectivity, proactivity)


Positively received concept, even though all projects not directly contributing to margin improvements were put on hold shortly thereafter due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic

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