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Efficiency optimization in the sales department of a household appliance manufacturer

External benchmarking has revealed comparatively high distribution costs (in % of sales)


Identification and quantification of key efficiency levers

  • Assessment of the consolidation possibilities of foreign companies by analyzing the customer base by origin and administrative centralization as well as by analyzing the duplications in the country organizations

  • Uncovering of flaws in the incentivization system by evaluating the salary structure and commission components per role

  • Focus on value-creating activities by measuring the time usage per activity per role, identification of process improvement potentials and recommendation of activity redistributions

  • Reduce unnecessary margin reductions by analyzing the use of rebates according to customer value and tradeoffs, as well as modeling the savings potential vs. revenue loss risk

Derivation of concrete action plans


Clear action plan including task packages, responsibilities and timelines with significant estimated result effect 

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