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Evaluation of product and category extensions in terms of potential and feasibility

Ambition to increase the Business Case Top Line through additional monetization of the customer base, cities or other partners


Brainstorming of possible product and category extensions in the management workshop, e.g. reservations, permits, penalties, etc. (long list)

Filtering of ideas based on various criteria, e.g. if already included in the business case or insufficiently tangible (short list)

Sharpening of the possible concepts (e.g. regarding status quo & pain points, possible solution & value proposition, entry barriers & required competence development, market size assessment & competition, strategic & operational considerations), partly through discussions with specialist departments

Prioritization of the most promising initiatives based on attractiveness and complexity scores


Identification of additional sales potential in the low double-digit million range that could realistically be developed in the medium to long term

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