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Founding & launch support for corporate startup in media sector

In order to diversify the business portfolio of a media publisher, an online life advice platform should be launched as a corporate startup


Customer support

  • Estimation of the likely ticket volume and staffing requirements based on the business case

  • Software procurement, incl. evaluation based on product demos and online resources, incl. moderation of the data protection check and planning ahead of the configuration

  • Personnel procurement, including contract initiation and management of the outsourcing service provider

  • Process conception for agents, including workflow diagram, FAQ overview, prioritized admin feature list for product department, etc.


  • Steering the creation of privacy statement and terms and conditions for customers and consultants, including competitor research, control of legal and clarification of product-related queries

  • Clarification of open legal questions across all subject complexes, including structured recording and control of legal and input providers

Quality Assurance: Mystery Calls 

  • Creation of a test concept for new and badly rated consultants, including modeling of the costs

  • Obtaining and evaluating offers up to the conclusion of the contract and onboarding of the provider

  • Definition of the operational procedure during the pilot phase and regular operation and draft of a detailed process

  • Draft of a test guide including test scenarios and a prioritized list of questions

Quality Assurance: Call Monitoring 

  • Presentation and evaluation of options (proactive vs. requested, listen vs. barge, real-time vs. recorded, with or without AI support, etc.), including management of legal and technical service providers, identification of the respective requirements, assessment of development and operational efforts etc.


  • Assisting in creating a KPI list and drafting dashboard scribbles to design the tracking

  • Support with recruiting (creating job ads, interviews, managing HR consultants) and onboarding new team members

  • Evaluation of possible internationalization strategies, especially with regard to tech stacks, operational synergies and implementation risks

  • Sparring partner for product development on conceptual product-related questions


Relevant functions ready for launch

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