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Identification and evaluation of attractive geography extensions and M&A targets

Ambition to expand geographical presence and market dominance through organic or inorganic growth


Brainstorming of possible other geographic markets and M&A targets in management workshop (long list)

Market and competition research to assess potential target markets worldwide, e.g. with regard to attractiveness criteria (e.g. parking shortages, high willingness to pay & enforcement, high parking fees and penalties, digital affinity, etc.), market structures and competitive landscapes, strategic and operational considerations, etc.

M&A screening and evaluation of possible targets worldwide, e.g. in terms of business model & market segments (on-street, off-street, on-demand, reservation), coverage & inventory, user base & financials, etc.

Commercial due diligence of selected targets, incl. investigation of specific questions, preparation of management presentations, etc.


Start of specific M&A negotiations including the completion of an acquisition

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