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Market report of an IPO prospectus for an online classifieds player

Preparation of a market report for an online classifieds player in the real estate and automotive sectors, to be used as an IPO prospectus


Driver and assumption-based market modeling and analysis based on secondary research and expert interviews, e.g.

  • Analysis of the volume and value of the size and forecast development of the new and used car market in Germany

  • Analysis of the car dealership landscape and consolidation trends

  • Evolution of marketing spend by car dealers in Germany by channel (classifieds online vs. print, other online vs. offline)

  • Analysis of the return on investment for online vs. print classified ads in comparison to the competition (in terms of EUR per 1000 ad views)

  • Analysis of the payback for online vs. print classified ads (in terms of the number of sales required to amortize the membership fee)


Ready-to-use market report for IPO Prospectus

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