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Optimization of operations processes and organizational structures

Foreseeable scaling difficulties due to historically developed operations processes and organizational structures, which had not yet been critically challenged


Documentation of as-is operations process in a comprehensive standardized process manual for city managers, shift managers, operations personnel and franchisees (100+ pages plus annexes)

  • Collecting inputs for all operations processes in structured employee interviews and work shadowings, e.g.

  • Developing standardized process descriptions (i.e. objective, dependencies, required tools, steps, result and output, responsibility, best practices etc.)

  • Creating complementary in-depth documents such as checklists, templates etc. as needed

  • Deployment for target group in Confluence

Prioritization of fields of action based on time recordings, cost analyses, customer feedback etc. as well as conception and implementation of to-be processes, e.g.

  • Introduction of a bonus and malus system for drivers, leading to ~30% lower accident costs, higher customer satisfaction, etc.

  • Optimization of shift planning by building on relevant KPIs, adding additional granularity, and introducing better software, leading to higher utilization

  • Improvement of fleet and damage management by collecting requirements and introducing more suitable fleet and damage management software

  • Redesign of payroll accounting by integrating data sources and automating calculations, money transfers and pay slip provision, for ~90% time savings

Konzeption und Einführung einer effizienten und effektiven Soll-Organisationsstruktur

  • Moderation of workshops to identify problems and develop solutions

  • Definition of a matrix target structure with newly defined responsibilities for subsidiaries and central functions

  • Creation or revision of dedicated role profiles for city managers, shift managers, drivers and administrative staff

  • Change Management during implementation


Enabled 10x growth to 60k trips per month by

  • Ensuring standardized, efficiency-optimized, smooth and customer-satisfactory business operations

  • Fulfilment of legal obligations according to PBefG, BOKraft, etc.

  • Laying the foundation for the SaaS franchise business

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