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PMO for margin improvement and cost reduction initiatives at sports aggregator scaleup

Demonstration of the sustainability of the business model in light of an upcoming financing round (before Covid-19), followed by the realization of short-term savings in operating expenses (OPEX) to extend the cash runway (after Covid-10 outbreak)


Discussion and prioritization of possible levers to increase gross margin 1in management workshops, based on Impact, Confidence, Ease, Risk and Time

  • 2-Factor-Authentication against fraudulent serial discounts

  • Reduction of average new customer discounts

  • Pricing of no-shows for bookings

  • Introduction of a check-in limit for heavy users

  • Local price increases to test price elasticities

Planning of the prioritized initiatives (e.g. Impact Assessment, Work Packages & Timing, Challenges & Risk Mitigation Plan) and steering of their implementation by the respective departments

Identification and realization of savings potentials

  • DATEV export of all cost items from the last 3 months (per cost type, department, month, provider)

  • Aggregation and top-down evaluation of all cost items with regard to cancellability and dispensability

  • Bottom-up assessment of all cost items by department heads with regard to dispensability

  • Subsequent discussion and prioritization of concrete savings measures

  • Coordination of the implementation of the measures, where necessary

Design and implementation of a purchase and order approval process with clear responsibilities and value thresholds that ensured a good balance between workload and cost control


GM1-improvement by ~3%-pts, followed by OPEX reduction by ~40%

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