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Professionalization of fundraising before Series A

Increasing financing needs to secure liquidity and scaling, with investors becoming increasingly more demanding


Identification of suitable investors (“who”)

  • Strategic considerations regarding suitable investor types (e.g. family offices, strategists, VC funds, etc.)

  • Research of possible investors (according to industry, topic, geography and maturity/volume focus)

  • Activation of the personal networkfor intro generation

Formulation and preparation of suitable messages (“what”)

  • Creation of a meaningful pitch decks (including chapters on market opportunity and competitive landscape, hard traction and soft traction, strategic directions, monetization plans and profitability drivers, legal and operations insights, product and IT roadmap, shareholders and cap table, use of funds, etc.)

  • Definition, measurement and preparation of suitable KPIs (e.g. turnover and transport per driver hour, utilization vs. service rate, cost breakdown, sharing rate, cohort analysis)

  • Drafting of official terminologyon potentially critical topics

  • Further development of financial planning (e.g. regarding plausibility, presentability)

Identification and examples of suitable channels (“how”)

  • Creating monthly updates for existing investors

  • Addressing potential investors via email and telephone

  • Creation and maintenance of profiles on relevant platforms (e.g. Crunchbase, Fundsup, Dow Jones Venture Source, Early Metrics etc.)

  • Research relevant events and awards for pitching

  • Involving founders for hot leads

Accompanying due diligence processes


Concluded a €3.0m Series A with strategic investors at an attractive valuation

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