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Reassessment of the strategic direction after JV launch

Integrating the parking management solutions belonging to BMW into the newly founded mobility joint venture with Daimler required a reassessment of the strategic direction


Strategy development to strengthen and expand the business with various customer groups (B2C, B2B) and segments (on- & off-street parking), incl.

  • Development of a deep understanding of the market through secondary research and interviews, e.g. regarding market size, growth and profitability estimates, success drivers (inventory, user base, brand, product), limits of organic growth (customer lock-in, tender cycles, price wars, market consolidation), or off-street challenges (fragmented operators, incompatible technologies and commercial interests, setup costs)

  • Development and discussion of hypotheses in management workshops with international subsidiaries

  • Formulation of general and market-specific strategic initiatives (e.g. regarding product portfolio, value proposition, IT platform, distribution channels, etc.)

  • Contributing to translating strategies into driver-based business cases and board presentations, identifying financing needs, and participating in iterative strategy discussions and budget negotiations with shareholders


Comprehensive strategy with buy-in of management

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